8th Japanese Peach Blossom

Hi, guys~ I'm back again. This design is really simple, truly. Again, I imitated from magazine. Below is the original piece:

And follow is my result. They came out really lovely, and didn't take me over an hours to finish (usually layering, placing decorations and painting could cost me 3hrs). What a bless~

I'm so sorry that I didn't take photos under sunlight. So color cast issues did come up. But still pretty close, I guess the actual color should be more close to the second one (1st one is under flash, and 2nd is under white light).

Nail polishes I used

OPI Nail Envy Maintenance NT141 as base coat
Paul & Joe #15: this shade is truly a beauty. It is like hot pink with warm tone. Although it is quite opaque (you can get full coverage with 2 thin layers), there is some super fine, very unnoticeable shimmer inside which kinds of gives you a sheer watery effect like jelly or candy. And it's scented.
Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat, as always.

Other tools:
I use some small silver hexagon glitter, 1.5mm and 2mm clear crystals, and 2mm black crystals. Use dotting tools to fix the glitter and crystals on. All these materials can be easily searched out in ebay, usually selling by Hong Kong or Chinese vendors, AND with super adorable price plus postage.

 1. paint the base color.

 2. Locate the place of flower by place center crystal (1.5mm clear) at the place you want. I use clear polish to adhere crystal. You can either use nail glue (it will give you better adherence and maybe don't need to seal them with top coat)

 3. surround the center with black crystals.

 4. place 2 2mm clear crystals randomly at anywhere you like.

5. place some hexagon glitter randomly as well. Seal them with top coat, then done.

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