A perfect substitute: when Dior Aloha #638 faces Ulta3 Fire

I have super great news to share with everyone, if you are a fan of Dior Aloha and only stopped by its price, now you can spend only 1/10 of its price and get this gorgeous polish (not from Dior, but no one can tell) . 

Dior polish is bloody $37 sth which is so pricey to me. Generally I am not willing to invest too much for a  nail polish cause I already have 50+ pieces. Further, the super inferior quality of Dior polishes disgust me so much, God, I am so disappointed with them. I got 2, and they only wearable when I use base coat and top coat to wrap them as sandwich. They chip so easy, and glaze look goes out within 24hrs. Although I always wrap the color nail polish with base and top coat, anyway it still has no reason to provide such cheap quality with that high price. Chanel seldom let me down. with just $1 extra, plus 3ml more at size.

So, when Aloha came out with twin pack (with a top coat), it totally threw me out. I am so reluctant to pay $37 for one polishes, not even mention paying almost twice the price for 2.

Almost back to the topic, I have to say sorry to everyone, this news is not new actually. I found this out in June, and just too lazy to post it. The perfect replacement is Ulta3 Fire. Ulta3 is a low-range brand in Australia, and you can buy any in various pharmacies. I find out every Terry White sells Ulta3 nail polishes for only $2~3.

Here is the official post of Dior Aloha

And below Ulta3 Fire Compares with Dior Aloha.

I don't have both nail polishes. So the only proof I left is a piece of Fragrance paper. I first applied Dior Aloha at the Dior counter, and then I went to Terry White and applied Ulta3 Fire just next to it. You can see they are almost identical under natural light and in the room. Below, I tried Ulta3 Fire on my ring finger and showed it under sunshine and natural light as well.

It is a very pretty color, vibrant vermeil/orange red. Great for summer and spring. I am always a huge fan of orange, blood red, coral, etc... any warm tone pink/red. And a few weeks ago I done nail design with Ulta3 Fire. The whole work remained intact for 6 days, it's amazing for me because I have super fragile, layered nails and usually nail polish would chip within 3 days. Below is my work. I really love this nail design, it's pretty, and best, it's really simple. I will post a note of its steps later.

I don't think Ulta3 copy the formula from Dior, cause I found out maybe just 1 or 2 month later since Dior Aloha came out, and the quality of Ulta3 is even better. For only $2.95 to get such pretty color with adorable quality, and no tacky top coat bundled together, this is must have~

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