7th Sweet candy

Hi, guys. So sorry I haven't realized that I was away for such long time. Today I'm gonna show you a really sweet nail design. Again, I was 'inspired' by Japanese magazine:

My result turned out to be quite cute,haha~

The only part I don't like is that the purple glitter I used is too dark, and iridescent...

Below are the polishes I used:
OPI nail envy maintenance NT141
Sally Hansen Wedded Bliss #86: I use this nail polish much more often than I expected. It's candy pink and look quite good with a lot of pink nail design.
OPI shrek mini (all 4 nail polishes): I have to say this set is really idea for those who want to collect some shades for accidental use only, e.g. green, blue. And 4 shades are all lovely.
CG (Covergirl) City lights #430: this is one of my favourite. It is filled with iridescent glitter which can make any nail polishes even more shining than OPI Designer Series... And  most importantly, it's cheap. I only paid $5 for this baby.
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat: I couldn't find any other topcoat to beat it, so I stick on to the 3rd bottle.

Glitter and crystals I used:
Only the yellow nail is mixed with gold and yellow glitter. Cause I don't like neither of them, the gold glitter is way to gold, and the yellow glitter reflects green light - both of them look tacky. I used 3 sizes of crystal, 3.0mm, 2.2mm and 1.6mm approximately.

Below are the steps:
 1. Paint the base color.

 2. layer CG city light over the base color.

 3. Use a fine nail art brush to dig some clear nail polish and glitter, and draw the border.

 4. Use clear polish to attach glitter, and place a thick layer in the area. Make sure the glitter has fully covered the area.

5. Place 3~4 crystals along the border, and layer topcoat, and finish~ Please keep your topcoat really thin over the crystals, cause thick layer of topcoat will reduce the reflecting effects of crystals and make them look blur.

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