5th Royal Jewel Reversed French

This is my favorite design. Love it at the first sight and below is my replica, haha~

Below are the nail lacquer I used:

OPI Nail Envy NT141
Zoya Snow White: 3 coats to get even look. Not a fan.
Essie show me the ring: I do like this nail polish. It creates a very subtle and elegant look when layering on white polish, exactly like real pearl.
Dior #972 Reglisse: I like the shade, but hate the quality (all Dior nail polishes). They cheap so easy and lose glow within 24hrs. It can only last as long as usual nail polishes when you use base coat and top coat to 'wrap' it as a sandwich.
Zoya Trixie: I don't like it either. Drying slowly, sticky and not even durable. I don't know why Zoya has a lot of fans. At least I won't sacrifice quality and pleasure for so call 'safety'.
Revlon  #625 Pina Colada Pop: I use it as a clear nail polish. It has fine green/yellow glitter, very subtle, too subtle to be noticed...
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Other materials:

Crystal round 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and heart shape. Silver beads. Fine brush to outline the grid and dotting tool for place crystals on the nails.

1. layer 2 coats of Zoya snow white. Because I need to apply one coat Essie Show me the ring on it, so 2 coats may be not perfect but sufficient. Otherwise I need to wait ages before it dry.

2. apply one coat of Essie show me the ring to create pearl shining effect.

3. Use Dior #972 to out line the bounder. 2 coats of Dior #972.

 4. fill the area with 1 thick coat of Dior #972. Using pigmented nail polish here can save work.

5. use Zoya Trixie to draw the grid.

6. place silver beads on the left nail. Place one center crystal. Use clear polish as glue.

7. place small crystal close to the silver beads. Place other crystals.

8. Place the heart crystal in the center. And finished~

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