3rd Konad Leopard Print

I'm a huge fan of Leopard print. I have finished 3 tubes of Helena Rubinstein Feline Lash Queen Mascara because I was so addict to their package, and well, quality of course. I want to paint my nail with leopard print so badly, but the techniques really stopped me. I can hardly use my right hand to paint left hand, don't even mentioned left hand do the favor back.

So, god bless me, I have konad~ 1st time I saw its products then I realized I must have them.  And here is my work:


I took these photos 3 days after I did my nails. So lazy~ So... the look was not as perfect as the 1st day.

Below are the polishes I used:
OPI Nail Envy T80
Essie Shifting Power 677: I bought this lacquer solely because I wanna paint my nails exactly like HR Feline Black mascara.. This shade also look great as the base under OPI Black shatter. However I don't like shatter, I never make them shatter into a descent pattern and I gave up.
Konad Black: Konad special polishes are must have, if you want the pattern look defined and clear.
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

I have to say, the pink board used to place the steel plate is totally useless. Don't buy! The plate will place even stabler on table. I chose double end transfer stick because the small end can help you place pattern correctly on your nails, well, to some extent. And one tip is very important: wait for the base color dry completely before print the pattern on, otherwise the base layer will smudge.

Here is good news. I believe some of you may like me, want to collect a lot of plates (there are almost 100 designs available on its website), and $7 for one plate is definitely pricey. So I'm really interested in those replicas selling by Chinese or HK vendors, and I bought a few (only 50 cents each, way more cheaper). They are great, actually. Well, maybe the fluting is slightly shallow, however, using with Konad special nail polishes, I do not find some substantial difference. 

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