2nd Purple/Black Dazzling Rockstar

I copied the design from a magazine:

And my work:

Nail polishes:
OPI Nail envy as base coat
OPI Design series Extravagance
CND Black Jack (This is the only black polishes I have and I love it, very pigmented)
Covergirl City Lights (This is must have, it can make any nail polishes shine like OPI design series, even more twinkling. The glitters are so abundant and so dazzling)
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

2 sizes, 1.5mm and 3mm. Again, I don't recommend plastic rhinestone. They only make your work look cheap.

1. Apply one layer of OPI Extravagance.

2. Apply a layer of CND Black Jack. Because it's very pigmented, one layer is well enough.

3. Apply a few layers of CG city lights. The times of layering really depend on the thickness of glitter. So using a thick glitter nail polishes could save a lot of work. : )

4. Place crystals, the sequence is one large crystal, one small, and one large, one small, and so on... Than done~ If you prefer crystal look really shine, than apply top coat first and using nail glue to fix the crystals. If like me, not really care, then use clear nail polish to stick them and apply the top coat last. This will enhance the durability of crystals, however they may not blink that much as before. 

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