1st time Nail art - Pink princess

This is the first time I paint my nail not in a single color. And I took it as a start for myself cause I so want to be a nail artist. The whole work copied from the design as below:

Here is my baby:

Nail polishes I used:
OPI Nail envy
OPI Design series Reserve
Essie Walk Down the Aisle (Not a fan of this shade actually, the white paint look a little bit dirty cause it's not pure white)
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (Everyone knows it's a bless)

Glitter and Crystal:
I do not recommend plastic 'crystal'. They will be eroded by nail polishes! Those made with glass or crystal won't be too pricey if you does not stick with Swarovski, and much more dazzling.



1. Paint 2 layers of Essie  Walk Down the Aisle

2. Outlined the area we would like to apply OPI  DS Reserve

3. Apply one layer of OPI Reserve, repeat if necessary.

4. Place one glitter at the top center nail.

5. Place other glitters as grid/diamond pattern.

6. Use some clear polishes to grab silver glitter dust, and outline the barrier.

7. Place a small flower on the line. Apply a thick layer of top coat, then done~