9th We love jewellery~ Reverse French

Hi, everyone~ I'm back again. Today I'd like to show one design, which involved lots of my 'innovation', haha~ But still inspired by Japanese magazine:

And below is my result:

I shoot the photos under sunset, so the color look kinds of weird, somewhere red and somewhere greenish. Actually the reason I didn't completely copy the original piece is that I didn't have enough small crystals. :p Anyway, I quite like the outcome, it look much better in person.

The nail polishes I used:
OPI Nail Envy Maintenance: as always, base coat
ESSIE Petal Pink: perfect for french manicure, very watery and slightly sheer. It needs 3 coat to get full coverage, and the color comes out will a little paler than your natural nail. 
DIOR Black Plum #981: this is one of my favourite shade (notice, I said 'shade'). I hate the quality, not durable, not glazed, yet very pricey. I bought this bottle purely because of the shade. The shade is deep plum/purple, look perfectly elegant and noble. It's more purple and lighter, comparing with Chanel #18. But when layering both of them in thick coats, they are almost identical.
MAVALA Colorfix: I saw the reviews in mua and impressed by the durability of this top coat. However the actual effect is quite disappointing. It dry super slowly, and only can layer it after the colored nail polish completely dried up. Hence, there is a lot of waiting. And the worst is: no significant difference at durability, peering with Seche Vite. What?! After all that dreadfully waiting? It really pissed me off, now I used them as glue to adhere crystals and beads, bla bla bla...
SECHE VITE dry fast top coat: as always, top coat.

Other materials and tools:

Heart shape and square shape acrylic crystal, 2.5mm clear crystals, 1.5mm clear AB crystals, 1.5mm half-ball pearl, and 1mm silver beads. 
In terms of beads, there are 2 kinds of beads on ebay. They are made in different materials and with very distinct quality. The first type: made in clear glass or plastic, with silver or gold plate, also available in various color, e.g. pink, purple, black, blue, etc. They are very light in weight, with irregular shade (like eggs) and size (some really small and some much bigger). And the plate always goes off in 24hrs, disregarding you layer a thick topcoat on them all not. You should totally avoid using these beads.
The second type is made in metal, only available in silver and gold. They are in perfect round shape, usually larger than the former and much heavier. And the best, their plate won't come off. Maybe gold beads will fade in a week, while silver beads does not fade at all. Their price may be a little higher, but for the superior quality, you definitely should go for it.
The way to identify them is check out the zoom in photo, the metal beads will lie in order even in the container. And another way is asking the seller. If the seller lie to you and make you receive those inferior one, paypal/ebay will give you justice. So no risk at all.
Tools: dotting tool, and super fine nail paint brush. I purchased the brush form Sasa in HK, maybe sasa.com have them. These brushes are crazy, you can see in the photo, even finer than the head of gel pen... And the price is adorable as well, approximately $5 for 3 pcs.

OK, back to the topic. The steps:
 1. two coats of ESSIE petal pink.

 2. Use super fine brush to line out the bounder.

 3. 2 coats of DIOR black plum at the top area.

 4. place the main stone in the centre of arc.

 5. place pearl and clear AB crystals rotarily.

6. place beads around the crystals, and layer top coat. Done~

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8th Japanese Peach Blossom

Hi, guys~ I'm back again. This design is really simple, truly. Again, I imitated from magazine. Below is the original piece:

And follow is my result. They came out really lovely, and didn't take me over an hours to finish (usually layering, placing decorations and painting could cost me 3hrs). What a bless~

I'm so sorry that I didn't take photos under sunlight. So color cast issues did come up. But still pretty close, I guess the actual color should be more close to the second one (1st one is under flash, and 2nd is under white light).

Nail polishes I used

OPI Nail Envy Maintenance NT141 as base coat
Paul & Joe #15: this shade is truly a beauty. It is like hot pink with warm tone. Although it is quite opaque (you can get full coverage with 2 thin layers), there is some super fine, very unnoticeable shimmer inside which kinds of gives you a sheer watery effect like jelly or candy. And it's scented.
Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat, as always.

Other tools:
I use some small silver hexagon glitter, 1.5mm and 2mm clear crystals, and 2mm black crystals. Use dotting tools to fix the glitter and crystals on. All these materials can be easily searched out in ebay, usually selling by Hong Kong or Chinese vendors, AND with super adorable price plus postage.

 1. paint the base color.

 2. Locate the place of flower by place center crystal (1.5mm clear) at the place you want. I use clear polish to adhere crystal. You can either use nail glue (it will give you better adherence and maybe don't need to seal them with top coat)

 3. surround the center with black crystals.

 4. place 2 2mm clear crystals randomly at anywhere you like.

5. place some hexagon glitter randomly as well. Seal them with top coat, then done.

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7th Sweet candy

Hi, guys. So sorry I haven't realized that I was away for such long time. Today I'm gonna show you a really sweet nail design. Again, I was 'inspired' by Japanese magazine:

My result turned out to be quite cute,haha~

The only part I don't like is that the purple glitter I used is too dark, and iridescent...

Below are the polishes I used:
OPI nail envy maintenance NT141
Sally Hansen Wedded Bliss #86: I use this nail polish much more often than I expected. It's candy pink and look quite good with a lot of pink nail design.
OPI shrek mini (all 4 nail polishes): I have to say this set is really idea for those who want to collect some shades for accidental use only, e.g. green, blue. And 4 shades are all lovely.
CG (Covergirl) City lights #430: this is one of my favourite. It is filled with iridescent glitter which can make any nail polishes even more shining than OPI Designer Series... And  most importantly, it's cheap. I only paid $5 for this baby.
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat: I couldn't find any other topcoat to beat it, so I stick on to the 3rd bottle.

Glitter and crystals I used:
Only the yellow nail is mixed with gold and yellow glitter. Cause I don't like neither of them, the gold glitter is way to gold, and the yellow glitter reflects green light - both of them look tacky. I used 3 sizes of crystal, 3.0mm, 2.2mm and 1.6mm approximately.

Below are the steps:
 1. Paint the base color.

 2. layer CG city light over the base color.

 3. Use a fine nail art brush to dig some clear nail polish and glitter, and draw the border.

 4. Use clear polish to attach glitter, and place a thick layer in the area. Make sure the glitter has fully covered the area.

5. Place 3~4 crystals along the border, and layer topcoat, and finish~ Please keep your topcoat really thin over the crystals, cause thick layer of topcoat will reduce the reflecting effects of crystals and make them look blur.

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A perfect substitute: when Dior Aloha #638 faces Ulta3 Fire

I have super great news to share with everyone, if you are a fan of Dior Aloha and only stopped by its price, now you can spend only 1/10 of its price and get this gorgeous polish (not from Dior, but no one can tell) . 

Dior polish is bloody $37 sth which is so pricey to me. Generally I am not willing to invest too much for a  nail polish cause I already have 50+ pieces. Further, the super inferior quality of Dior polishes disgust me so much, God, I am so disappointed with them. I got 2, and they only wearable when I use base coat and top coat to wrap them as sandwich. They chip so easy, and glaze look goes out within 24hrs. Although I always wrap the color nail polish with base and top coat, anyway it still has no reason to provide such cheap quality with that high price. Chanel seldom let me down. with just $1 extra, plus 3ml more at size.

So, when Aloha came out with twin pack (with a top coat), it totally threw me out. I am so reluctant to pay $37 for one polishes, not even mention paying almost twice the price for 2.

Almost back to the topic, I have to say sorry to everyone, this news is not new actually. I found this out in June, and just too lazy to post it. The perfect replacement is Ulta3 Fire. Ulta3 is a low-range brand in Australia, and you can buy any in various pharmacies. I find out every Terry White sells Ulta3 nail polishes for only $2~3.

Here is the official post of Dior Aloha

And below Ulta3 Fire Compares with Dior Aloha.

I don't have both nail polishes. So the only proof I left is a piece of Fragrance paper. I first applied Dior Aloha at the Dior counter, and then I went to Terry White and applied Ulta3 Fire just next to it. You can see they are almost identical under natural light and in the room. Below, I tried Ulta3 Fire on my ring finger and showed it under sunshine and natural light as well.

It is a very pretty color, vibrant vermeil/orange red. Great for summer and spring. I am always a huge fan of orange, blood red, coral, etc... any warm tone pink/red. And a few weeks ago I done nail design with Ulta3 Fire. The whole work remained intact for 6 days, it's amazing for me because I have super fragile, layered nails and usually nail polish would chip within 3 days. Below is my work. I really love this nail design, it's pretty, and best, it's really simple. I will post a note of its steps later.

I don't think Ulta3 copy the formula from Dior, cause I found out maybe just 1 or 2 month later since Dior Aloha came out, and the quality of Ulta3 is even better. For only $2.95 to get such pretty color with adorable quality, and no tacky top coat bundled together, this is must have~

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5th Royal Jewel Reversed French

This is my favorite design. Love it at the first sight and below is my replica, haha~

Below are the nail lacquer I used:

OPI Nail Envy NT141
Zoya Snow White: 3 coats to get even look. Not a fan.
Essie show me the ring: I do like this nail polish. It creates a very subtle and elegant look when layering on white polish, exactly like real pearl.
Dior #972 Reglisse: I like the shade, but hate the quality (all Dior nail polishes). They cheap so easy and lose glow within 24hrs. It can only last as long as usual nail polishes when you use base coat and top coat to 'wrap' it as a sandwich.
Zoya Trixie: I don't like it either. Drying slowly, sticky and not even durable. I don't know why Zoya has a lot of fans. At least I won't sacrifice quality and pleasure for so call 'safety'.
Revlon  #625 Pina Colada Pop: I use it as a clear nail polish. It has fine green/yellow glitter, very subtle, too subtle to be noticed...
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Other materials:

Crystal round 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and heart shape. Silver beads. Fine brush to outline the grid and dotting tool for place crystals on the nails.

1. layer 2 coats of Zoya snow white. Because I need to apply one coat Essie Show me the ring on it, so 2 coats may be not perfect but sufficient. Otherwise I need to wait ages before it dry.

2. apply one coat of Essie show me the ring to create pearl shining effect.

3. Use Dior #972 to out line the bounder. 2 coats of Dior #972.

 4. fill the area with 1 thick coat of Dior #972. Using pigmented nail polish here can save work.

5. use Zoya Trixie to draw the grid.

6. place silver beads on the left nail. Place one center crystal. Use clear polish as glue.

7. place small crystal close to the silver beads. Place other crystals.

8. Place the heart crystal in the center. And finished~

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